BMX Project P038

World Cup Ready

The BMX PROJECT began at the start of 2022 when we signed Sylvain Andre with one goal: to create our version of a race BMX. But we didn’t have a frame, just our foundational know-how in designing aluminum bikes for competition.

So, we used Meybo’s aluminum frames repainted in our colours to learn. As the BMX PROJECT grew, we welcomed Laura Smulders at the start of 2023 to further help design and test our BMX race bike.

From the beginning, our R&D department has been hard at work testing, and it is now time to present the product of our labor; the P038. Our first BMX race prototype. Ready to compete at the World Cups.


While we understand downhill bikes, the race BMX is more challenging than we think. Every detail has to be thought out, optimized, and perfected.

For this project, the saying « the devil hides in the details » has never been so applicable.

Head Tube forged and machined. Internal brake sheath routing.

Brake Sheath routing exit on the left Chain Stay.

Routing of sheathed brake hose from the Head Tube to the Chain Stay.


The Bottom Bracket is 2 pieces forged, machined and welded together.

Internal brake sheath routing.



Forged and machined dropouts.

FlipFlop 0 (RC 392mm).
FlipFlop +/- 4mm (RC 388 and RC 396).

Between rear wheel axle 15 x 110mm.



Flatmount brake adapter.

Position indexed to FlipFlop position.


If we have just validated a key stage of this project. It is to test this frame in race conditions to develop it further.

Ultimately achieving the following goals:
– Play the leading roles in the World Cups this year.
– Winning a medal at the Paris Olympics in 2024.
– Market the bike as soon as we deem it ready.